Fashion Books

Top fashion books

When we do search on fashion or fashion trend just a few blog post or magazine on this subject but now a day time is change and people write for the fashion and launched new magazines and blog.

1)      Men’s style manual: The ultimate guide of making a cloth work written by Daniel peres. This is one the most important style guide for men’s. The writer offers you advice on dressing, proper fitting, a classic look, designing and latest style. This also guides dancing and dinning cloths during weekend.

2)      The men’s fashion writes by Mcneil and karaminas, this book cover the history, culture, research, development, style trend, and case studies. Other themes history, media, fashion theories are also covered.

3)      Men’s style: the thinking style guide written by Russell smith.  This guide provides excellent information, suggestion to the reader. Topic such as purchasing dress garments, designing and cutting. This is the complete guide for elegant men’s and also men’s men’s fashion trend.

4)       Men’s fashion trend and illustration covered by jean Dirssedow and Mitchell co. this book guide little bit of history clothing and reading cloth style early 1990. These books also discuss fashion accessories such as gloves, bags, canes, shoes, and hairstyle. You can also find jacket, knickers and coats content in this book.

5)      Men’s fashion is the complete source of fashion trend written by john peacock. This book document by BBC designer. This book has elegant content and picture and history and documentary.